Scope of the ECRN

The Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN)

Scope of the committee and bylaws
(Last update: 24 January 2017)

The ESRS has created the Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) to increase collaboration and participation of early career researchers within the ESRS and its activities and events. 

The ECRN has the following main functions.

  1. Represent the interest of early career researchers within the ESRS.
  2. Host a bi-annual meeting for early career researchers; Early Career Day at the first day of the ESRS conference.  This Early Career Day was held for the first time at the ESRS conference in Bologna in September, 2016.
  3. Increase discussions between physical meetings, e.g. by hold out an online group forum for its members  and create a database of early career researchers.
  4. Reach out to early career researchers within Europe, e.g. through the ANSS network, to increase their involvement and connectivity within the ESRS. The ANSS and other ESRS networks can also request that the ECRN advertises their activities/conferences within the online forum or post list.

The ECRN  includes all MSc and PhD students as well as postdoctoral researchers or clinicians who obtained their PhD or MDs <10 years ago (same structure as for Marie-Curie grants and ESRS early career travel grants). All ECRN members need to be ESRS members. However, the online forum is less restrictive and allows all interested as it can be used to recruit new members and advertise ESRS activities.

The Executive Committee (EC)

This committee preferably reflects the diversity of early career researchers within the ESRS. The EC consists of five members. EC members are elected at the biannual Early Career Day after an advertisement sent out via email to all ECRN members. To assure the continuity of the ongoing work, members of the EC are elected for 4 years and 2-3 members therefore elected at the biannual ECRN meeting.
EC members cannot sit for longer than 4 years at a time but can re-elected once at a later time. If needed, the ECRN-EC may decide in collaboration with the ESRS board to change the composition of the EC. This decision may be taken by simple majority. The members of the EC choose the coordinator, the vice-coordinator and secretary from amongst them. If sponsorship allows, it is preferable that the EC meets physically once a year to discuss ECRN matters and planning the Early Career Day.

The coordinator of the ECRN has regular meetings with the ESRS board and the ECRN has a member in the Education Committee, the Sleep Medicine Committee and the Research Networking Committee of the ESRS.

On behalf of the EC of the ECRN,

Erna Sif Arnardottir, Coordinator