ESRS Wake-Up Bus Video Gallery

The Story

To raise awareness at EU level of the importance of sleepiness as one of the main causes of road accidents, the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and the Portuguese Sleep Association (APS) created the Wake-Up Bus Project.

Campaign kick-off, Oporto, Portugal (3-Oct-2013)

Symposium on Sleepiness and Accidents at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lisbon, Portugal (3-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Madrid, Spain (4-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Lyon, France (7-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Milano, Italy (8-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Ljubljana, Slovenia (9-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Zagreb, Croatia (10-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Vienna, Austria (11-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Poznan, Poland (12-Oct-2013)

Campaign events, Berlin, Germany (13-Oct-2013)

ESRS Wake-Up Bus Presentation at the EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium (15-Oct-2013)