First Call April 2009

In the last years the ESRS has already established the European networks on narcolepsy and sleep related breathing disorders. The most recent activity in that field is now a call sent out by Dieter Riemann to all members of the ESRS in order to establish a European Insomnia Network. This is a timely and important approach as insomnia afflicts in a chronic fashion probably more than 10% of the European population and probably is the most frequent sleep disorder per se. In comparison to other sleep disorders like sleep related breathing disorders, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy much less progress has been made in the insomnia field and even for many experienced clinicians and researchers insomnia treatment is equal with just the prescription of hypnotics.

The European Insomnia Network aims at European clinicians and researchers who deal with the topic of insomnia.

What are the purposes of the European Insomnia Network?

  1. Get an overview how many ESRS members are actively involved in clinical or research insomnia work
  2. Improve the exchange between European insomnia clinicians and researchers
  3. Establish a structure for an insomnia network as basis for teaching, clinical and research activities at the EU level
  4. Organization of a meeting of European insomnia clinicians and resear-chers in order to specify and coordinate activities
  5. Establish insomnia as a research target on the EU level

So far, just one week after the first call was sent out per mail more than 70 ESRS members coming from more than 15 different European countries have answered and declared their interest to participate in the insomnia network. It is assumed that within 14 days after the first call more than 100 interested colleagues will show their interest in participating. In so far, a basis for successful work within the European Insomnia Network seems to be given and we will inform you in the future newsletters about the progress we make.

Dieter Riemann, Freiburg

[Published in ESRS Newsletter June 2009]