Scientific Committee


Prof. Giovanna Zoccoli, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Physiology
PRISM lab, Department of Biomedical and NeuroMotor Sciences
Alma Mater Studiorum – Università of Bologna
Physiology Unit - Piazza di Porta S. Donato, 2    40126 Bologna, Italy
ph: +39 051 2091726; fax: +39 051 2091737
skype: gioz2907

Prof. Giovanna Zoccoli is MD, Specialist in Neurology.
Since 1991, she worked at the Department of Human and General Physiology, University of Bologna, where in 1995 she obtained her PhD in "Experimental and Clinical Pathophysiology".
She was a Research Fellow for cerebral circulation during sleep in newborns with Prof. Adrian Walker at Institute of Reproduction and Development, Monash University, Australia, in 1997, and in 2007 she returned in the same lab as a Visiting Professor.
In 2003, she got the position of Associate Professor at Department of Biomedical and NeuroMotor Sciences, University of Bologna, where she is now head of “PRISM lab” for the study of physiologic regulation during sleep in genetically engineered mice.
She is a member of ESRS since 1990, and held teaching courses at ESRS Congresses; currently she is member of the Italian Sleep Medicine Association (AIMS) Scientific Committee.
She published over 50 peer reviewed papers on cardiovascular regulation during sleep in physiologic and pathophysiologic conditions (hypertension, obesity, narcolepsy), and in different animal models (rabbit, lamb, rat, mice) and human subjects.


Christoph Nissen studied medicine in Freiburg, Paris and Berlin. From 2001 to 2016, he combined clinical work and research at the University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Freiburg (Germany). Since 2017, he serves as Vice Director and Chief Physician of the University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Bern (Switzerland). Particularly, he serves as Head of the Section of Affective Disorders, Medical Head of the Competence Center for Psychotherapy, and Head of Psychiatric Sleep Research in the interdisciplinary Sleep and Neuroscience Center, Bern. His research follows the idea of using sleep as a window to the pathophysiology and treatment development of mental disorders.


Dr. Ludger Grote
Gothenburg, Sweden

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Dr. Ludger Grote is the medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. After medical training at the Zeitreihenlabor, University of Marburg, Germany, (headed by Herman Peter) he joined the research group of Jan Hedner as a post-doc in 1998. Today he is an Associate Professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy and supervisor for several PhD thesis in research areas related to sleep medicine. He published more than 100 papers on sleep research and sleep medicine with a focus on methodology, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease, and restless legs. Ludger Grote is active in the European Sleep Apnea Database (ESADA) network and the Swedish Sleep Apnea Registry (SESAR). He is member of the ESRS since 1996 and serves the society currently as the chair of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (EC-ANSS), and as member of the Sleep Medicine Committee and the ERS-ESRS task force. He was former president of the Swedish Sleep Society (2007-2011) where he is responsible today for educational activities.

Dr. Kerstin Hoedlmoser
Salzburg, Austria

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Kerstin Hoedlmoser studied psychology and sports science in Salzburg, Austria. She is co-director of the Laboratory of Sleep, Cognition and Consciousness in Salzburg. She is a member of the ESRS since 2006 and was a fellow of the ESRS-EU Marie Curie Project ‘Training in Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine’ between 2007 and 2010. In 2014 she received the ESRS Young symposium award. Currently Kerstin is an Associate Professor at the University of Salzburg at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research strives for investigation sleep and cognition, especially in children and adolescents. Beside her research career she is clinical and health psychologist, sports psychologist as well as cognitive behaviour psychotherapist.

Dr. Reto Huber
Zurich, Switzerland

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Reto Huber leads a research group at the University Children’s Hospital and the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. He studied neurobiology at the ETH Zurich and received his PhD in 2001. He spent several years as a post-doctoral fellow in Prof. Tononi’s laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA before he was awarded in, 2007, a prestigious professorship fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation. In 2016 he was appointed professor for developmental neurobiology at the University of Zurich.

Dr. Anita Lüthi
Lausanne, Switzerland

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Anita Luthi is Associate Professor since 2014 at the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She studied Biology and Physics at the University of Basel and obtained her PhD in 1995 at the Brain Research Institute of the University of Zürich. She carried out post-doctoral work at Yale University during which she started investigating ionic and synaptic mechanisms underlying sleep rhythms. After returning to Switzerland, she started a Junior Research Group at the University of Basel and moved to the University of Lausanne as an Assistant Professor in 2008. She has published in major neuroscience journals, has received several awards and is a board member of the Swiss Neuroscience and Sleep Research Societies, as well as former President of the Swiss Physiological Society. Her research focuses on the role of thalamocortical rhythm generators in the control of sleep’s spatial and temporal regulation, in sensory processing and memory consolidation.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Neu
Brussels, Belgium

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Prof. Daniel NEU (MD, MHsc, PhD)
BRUGMANN University Hospital ULB - Sleep Lab & Unit for Clinical Chronobiology
CHIREC Delta Hospital - Neuroscience Pole - Center for the Study of Sleep Disorders
UNI (ULB Neuroscience Institute) - Research Units ULB312 (Medical School) and ULB388 (FMS)

As a half-German and half-Luxemburger with 'Swiss blood', Docteur Neu decided to immigrate to Brussels in 1995, in order to attend the medical school of the 'Université Libre de Bruxelles' (ULB).
Since his very early steps of graduation, he was already passionately dedicated to sleep medicine and later to clinical sleep research.

During his postgraduate years, he therefore focused straightaway on training in sleep medicine at the ULB Erasme Hospital and the Medical Schools of the University Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris and the University Henri Warembourg in Lille. Later on, Doctor Neu performed his research activities mainly at the ULB Neuroscience Institute, where he also obtained his PhD.

Since 2009, he is the clinical head of the 'Sleep Laboratory and Unit for Clinical Chronobiology' at the Brugmann University Hospital (ULB).His additional private practice is located in the 'Center for the Study of Sleep Disorders' at the CHIREC Delta Hospital in Brussels.

In 2014, he proudly joined the group of 'ESRS certified somnologists'. His general clinical practice and research activities now aim at covering most aspects of any sleep related disorders. Prof. Neu also participates actively in teaching and training of medical students and in post-graduate education of physicians involved in sleep medicine.

Throughout nine years of active research, Doctor Neu has authored or co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and performed over 100 written or oral scientific communications at international meetings.

Before joining the SC of the ESRS in 2018, he formerly served at the board of the Belgian Association for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (BASS).

Dr. Christina Schmidt
Liège, Belgium

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Dr. Vladyslav V. Vyzovskiy
Oxford, United Kingdom

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Dr Vyazovskiy graduated from Kharkov National University, Ukraine in 1997, and in 2004 he obtained PhD degree at the University of Zurich, Switzerland under supervision of Irene Tobler and Alexander A. Borbély. From 2005-2011 he worked in the group led by Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, initially as a postdoctoral researcher and then as an Assistant and Associate Scientist. In 2012-2013 he was a Lecturer in Sleep and Chronobiology at the Department of Biochemistry and Physiology (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) of the University of Surrey, UK. Since December of 2013 he is a Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Neuroscience (since 2015) at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics of the University of Oxford. He is one of the members of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi), supported by the University of Oxford and the Wellcome Trust. His research is devoted to understanding the spatio-temporal organisation of brain activity during waking and sleep and its relevance for sleep’s function and brain disorders.