July 2017

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2018


Report of the European Sleep Apnea Network ESADA

The ESADA group held its annual meeting in Turku, Finland on February  1 to 3. Tarja Saaresranta and Ulla Anttalainen hosted this very successful meeting which marked the 10th anniversary of the ESADA collaboration. Important projects were discussed and decisions on novel, prospective studies were made. The ESADA group completed six abstracts to upcoming meetings in 2017.

Meeting impressions

Thanks to Ulla and Tarja for this great meeting and their fantastic hospitality!!

10 years celebration of the ESADA network


Marisa Bonsignore took the initiative for the Cost Action B26 for OSA. This Cost Action created the initial network which provided the foundation of the ESADA.



Ten years of the ESADA network – where are we now?

Jan Hedner, Gothenburg, presented the most recent developments for the ESADA. More than 20 000 patients generating in the excess of 30 000 visits have been registered. Recruitment of new patients and completion of follow up visits has been stable during the past 5 years. Several labs are specifically focusing on follow-ups. Scientific output has increased significantly. Eight papers have been published so far, two papers are submitted and additionally 4 papers are close to submission. New centers to join the ESADA include Mainz (DE), London (GB), Porto (PT), Athens (GR), and Istanbul (TR).
It was decided during the meeting to perform a large, controlled follow up study within the ESADA cohort (responsible coordinator Silke Ryan, Dublin, Ireland).

Upcoming topics and publications

•    OSA and Asthma
•    Use of a Clinical Global Impression Scale in patients with OSA
•    Change in BMI with CPAP treatment (abstract ERS)
•    Regional difference in OSA phenotypes (abstract ERS)
•    Change of kidney function with CPAP (abstract ERS)
•    Cancer prevalence in OSA patients (abstract ERS)
•    Prevalence and comorbidities of an insomnia phenotype in mild OSA (abstract ERS)
•    Lipid profile in patients with OSA (abstract ERS)

Short Scientific missions within the ESADA network

•    Ozen Bazoglu, Izmir, June 2016
•    Canan Gunduz, Izmir, January 2017
•    Carolina Lombardi, Milano, August 2017

Scientific ESADA Workshop 2017, June 15-18, in Heraklion, Greece
OSA and Cancer, Mild OSA, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in OSA

ESADA CRC group meeting during the ERS Congress 2017
The European Respiratory Society provided an important grant for the ESADA as part of the initiative to support pan-European ”Clinical Research Collaborations (CRC)” from 2015 onwards.

Next meeting: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 5-7 pm, Milan, Italy

ESADA Group Meeting 2018
Johan Verbraecken and his team will host the meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, January 31 to February 2, 2018.

Ludger Grote on behalf of the ESADA group