Scope of the SMC

ESRS Sleep Medicine Committee

Responsibilites and duties - Scope of the committee

(Version: 28. June 2011) 

The ESRS has established the Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC) to cope with the needs and demands of sleep medicine in Europe. Identified are (a) standards of practice papers and guidelines for clinical service, (b) certification of sleep medicine professionals (physicians, psychologists and other scientists, technicians), (c) accreditation of sleep medicine centers.

In order to advance these tasks the committee works with the ESRS Board and with representatives from the national sleep societies in Europe. The representatives from the national sleep societies are formally represented by delegates forming the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS).

The ESRS SMC will work as a clearing center for countries which do have certifications for sleep professionals and accreditation for sleep medicine centers. This means equivalency checks will be performed against a European template for certification and accreditation as published in the corresponding papers in the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR). The SMC will provide certification and accreditation to those individuals and centers in countries which do not have access to national certification and accreditation. The certification and accreditation will be also available to individuals and centers who want to have this quality mark in addition to national certification and accreditation. In order to do so, the SMC will organize certification and accreditation procedures.

In order to support this, the SMC will work on educational courses together with other groups of the ESRS to provide educational opportunities. The SMC will care about harmonizing sleep medicine education through courses, university master degrees, other educational activities with the role of a clearing house. The clearing house may give ECTS points to the different educational activities.

Thomas Penzel