March 2018

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2018


ESRS Web Committee

Members (2017 – 2018):
Bogdan Voinescu (Chair), Walter McNicholas (ESRS Board), Pierre Hervé Luppi (RNC), Marta Gonçalves (SMC), Lyudmila Korostovtseva (EduCom), to be defined (ANSS EU), Kate Porcheret (ECRN)

The committee has met for the first time in February, after a new web developer was chosen through a competitive selection.

We estimate that this summer, ESRS will have a redesigned and updated website with major improvements in its already existing content, such as members, newsletter, events’ calendar or laboratories database, as well as new features such as webinars or e-learning. We also consider launching a mobile app for our society.

We hope that the forthcoming changes will significantly increase the attractiveness of the ESRS for the existing and potential members by providing user-friendly and useful content, accessible both from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Bogdan Voinescu