November 2017

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2017


ESRS Web Committee

Members (2017 – 2018):
Bogdan Voinescu (Chair), Walter McNicholas (ESRS Board), Pierre Hervé Luppi (RNC), Marta Gonçalves (SMC), Lyudmila Korostovtseva (EduCom), to be defined (ANSS EU), Kate Porcheret (ECRN)

The Web Committee is preparing a major redevelopment of the ESRS website in order to make it more attractive, accessible, interactive and suitable for a wider range of functions, including e-learning or membership related services. The possibilities and the challenges of the existing website have been reviewed. The needs and the expectations of the representatives from the ESRS Board and Standing Committees are being listened to and the range of the technically available options is being discussed. The changes will be implemented starting next year. 

Dr. Bogdan Voinescu