ESRS Regional Symposium on Sleep Medicine in Armenia

ESRS Regional Symposium on Sleep Medicine in Armenia

The ESRS participated on May 18-19 together with the Armenian Medical Association in the first Regional Symposium on Sleep Medicine. The Symposium was directed by the heads of organizations: Thomas Pollmacher, President of the ESRS, and Parounak Zelveian, President of the Armenian Medical Association. Local organizing committee was headed by Samson Khachatryan, Chairman of Armenian League of Young Neurologists (a division of Armenian Medical Association). The Symposium was being held in the building of National Institute of Health, which also was supporting the event.

The Symposium was attended by nearly 200 specialists from different fields of medicine - neurologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, ENT specialists, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, endocrinologists, family physicians, interns, general practitioners, psychologists, residents and students mainly form Armenia, but also from the former USSR and other neighboring countries.
This was the first meeting on sleep medicine in Armenia with such impressive participation of local specialists and such overall coverage of the main topics of the field. It was important in promoting sleep medicine in Armenia, raising interest among local specialists and government. Public health officials were present and promised to support this field in future.

The ESRS contributed with five speakers (Thomas Pollmächer, Jean Krieger, Claudio Bassetti, Markku Partinen and Diego Garcia-Borreguero) that covered the main controversies in sleep medicine. On the first day of the meeting, M. Partinen provided an overview on “Epidemiology and public health importance of sleep disorders”, T. Pollmächer on “Insomnia due to psychiatric and medical conditions”, Jean Krieger on “Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome”, C. Bassetti on “Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of Parasomnias”, and D. Garcia-Borreguero on “Restless Legs Syndrome”.  The second day of the Meeting was dedicated to “Potential risks of undiagnosed OSAS” (J. Krieger) and to “Sleep in Parkinson´s disease” (D. Garcia-Borreguero).

Interesting social program was provided for international guests. Different beautiful sightseeing tours and excursions brought guests into unique world of Armenian culture and art.

The Symposium provided the opportunity to educate specialists in Armenia and establish closer connections between Armenian physicians and researchers and European Sleep Medicine, thus intensifying the relations between both scientific communities. It was an excellent basis for future formation of Armenian Sleep Society.