Agenda of the ESRS Business Meeting

Published in ESRS Newsletter August 2014


Date:      18 September 2014, 18:00 – 20:00 
Venue:    Lecture Hall B, Solaris Tallinn, EE

  1. Opening by the President of the ESRS
  2. Determination of the Election Assistance
  3. Acceptance of the Minutes of the Previous Business Meeting   
  4. Report of the Activities of the ESRS
  5. Report of the Treasurer
  6. Discharge of the Board   
  7. Election of the Members of the Board of Officers
  8. Election of the Scientific Committee
  9. Proposal and Voting of ESRS Bylaws Amendment (published in the August issue of the ESRS newsletter)
  10. Future Congresses (2015 & 2016)   
  11. ESRS Congress 2018 (Proposal and Voting)
  12. Miscellaneous (Results of election)