ESRS Sleep Science School "Neural Networks in Sleep"

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2017


As a reminder, the Sleep Science School is a novel ESRS initiative aimed at gathering early career sleep scientists around different fundamental topics, allowing them to gain knowledge, share their work and experience, meet experienced researchers, develop opportunities and create novel networks of excellence. The focus of the first edition of the ESRS Sleep Science School is "Neural Networks in Sleep". The programme includes communications by international sleep experts Patricia Bonnavion, Alain Destexhe, Hans-Peter Landolt, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Anita Lüthi, Philippe Peigneux, Victor Spoormaker, Vlad Vyazovskiy and Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer, workshop interactive sessions aimed at writing research grants and proposals, and in-depth exchanges between young and experienced researchers. The faculty members will be present during the entire week and available for theoretical and practical discussions with young researchers. We are very excited with this novel opportunity offered by the ESRS, that will take place in Frejus on the Mediterranean Sea (France), from 16 to 21 October 2017. Forty participants have been selected by the ESRS Scientific Committee, based on their project. All have been informed and will soon receive practical information about the organization of the ESRS Sleep Science School. We are looking forward for an exciting week dedicated to the science of sleep and fruitful exchanges!

Pierre-Hervé Luppi and Philippe Peigneux