Recipients of ESRS Travel Grants 2012

The ESRS Research Networking Committee is pleased to announce that eleven ESRS Travel Grants have been awarded for the year 2012 within the  programme developed to promote travel of young sleep researchers in order to learn a specific technique or methodology in an experienced laboratory belonging to the ESRS Network of Sleep Research Laboratories.

We congratulate the recipients and cordially thank the supervisors and teams of the host laboratories for their support and cooperation in this endeavour.

The eleven ESRS Travel Grant recipients (in alphabetical order) are:

Recipient 1:

Maria Aguilar Andújar, Sevilla, Spain


Prof. Luigi de Gennaro

Recipient 2:

Matteo Caporro, Rome, Italy


Prof. Mario Giovanni Terzano

Recipient 3:

Francesca Conte, Naples, Italy


Prof. Eus JW Van Someren

Recipient 4:

Susanna Cordone, Rome, Italy


Prof.  Dieter Riemann

Recipient 5:

Maria Letizia Curzi, Munich, Germany


Prof.  Tarja Porkka-Heiskanen (Stenberg)

Recipient 6:

Johannes Holz, Freiburg, Germany


Prof. Luigi de Gennaro

Recipient 8:

Aggeliki Konsta, Athens, Greece


Prof. Thomas Pollmächer

Recipient 9:

Peter Lloyd Morgan, Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom


Prof. Eus Van Someren

Recipient 10:

Johanna Schwarz, Stockholm, Sweden


Prof. Derk-Jan Dijk

Recipient 11:

Anna Sofia Urrila, Helsinki, Finland


Prof.  Dieter Riemann