Recipients of the Sanofy-Aventis Research Grants

2010 - 2012

The winners of the 4 Sanofi-Aventis Research Grants were announced during the closing ceremony of the 20th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society held in Lisbon on 18 September 2010.

The following projects dealing with the topic of "Sleep maintenance difficulty in chronic insomnia" are supported during 2010 - 2012:

  • Nocturnal sleep-related attentional bias and attentional bias manipulation in the bedroom environment of patients with sleep-maintenance insomnia
    Kai Spiegelhalder (Freiburg, Germany)
  • Is Primary Insomnia Linked with Adult Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Is It Amenable to Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?
    Bogdan Ioan Voinescu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Inducing sleep by pharmacological manipulation of hypocretinergic neurons: a study in a rodent model of insomnia
    Davide Martelli (Bologna, Italy) 
  • Sleep maintenance and metabolic disturbances in chronic insomnia
    Marietta Keckeis (Ingolstadt, Germany)