1st ESRS Congress

3 - 6 October 1972,
Basel, Switzerland

The most important gathering of our Congress, with the most far-reaching results, was probably the Business Meeting during the late afternoon of the 4th of October, at which about 200 of the Congress visitors participated in the founding of ESRS, the now official European Sleep Research Society.

The congress programme included 5 symposia with invited speakers.

Sleep. Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Pharmacology, Clinical Implications. Proceedings of the First European Congress on Sleep Research,
Koella, W.P., Levin, P. (eds.), Karger, Basel, 1973

ESRS Founding Board Members

President:W. P. Koella (Basel)
Vice-President:G. F. Rossi (Roma)
Secretary:D. M. Loew (Basel)
Assistant-Secretary:D. Schneider (Brugge)
Treasurer: D. Scollo-Lavizzari (Basel)