July 2013

(Published in: ESRS Newsletter July 2013, click here to go to Table of Contents)

Dear ESRS and ANSS members, Colleagues and Friends,

First of all, let me with this summer ESRS newsletter wish you pleasant and well-deserved escapes after a busy year working in the sleep domain!

However, I am confident that your mind never sleeps and therefore invite you to take some leisure time to think about proposing a symposium for our already approaching 22nd ESRS congress in Estonia (Tallinn, September 16-20, 2014). As always, symposia are at the core of the scientific content and highlights of the ESRS congress. All contributions are extremely valued and will receive utmost attention of the organisers and especially of the Scientific Committee, allowing the ESRS to continue to provide our congress attendees the best science in sleep research and sleep medicine.

Tallinn will be also a very important step for the development of European sleep medicine with the organisation of the first regular examination for Somnologists, supervised by the ESRS Sleep Medicine Committee. It will also be preceded by the publication of a reference European Sleep Medicine textbook based on the ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills for Sleep Medicine, under the supervision of the ESRS Education Committee. Certification of Somnologists at the European level follows the second round of the grand-fathering and grand-mothering procedure for Somnologists conducted on April 11 in Berlin, during the very successful Sleep & Breathing conference jointly organised by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the ESRS. The ESRS board is proud to announce that with 72 newly certified experts we have now 123 Expert Somnologists in a large variety of European countries. Tallinn will also be the opportunity to initiate a similar grand-parenting procedure for Sleep Technologists in cooperation with the European Sleep Technologists Association.

Finally, the ESRS continues to be extremely active at the European level in this crucial year before the EU strategic research decisions for the Horizon 2020 programme. The ESRS EU Committee has worked very hard to raise awareness about sleep topics and promote EU support for sleep research and teaching opportunities. In the framework of the "EU Month of the Brain" action, the ESRS has organised the symposium “Networking to Understand Sleep Functions and Dysfunctions - The European Basic and Clinical Sleep Research Towards Horizon 2020” in Brussels (May 3, 2013), an event successfully attended by EU commission directorates and followed by lively discussions. The other main and ongoing European action is the "Wake-up Bus" coordinated by Marta Gonçalves, the ANSS and the ESRS EU Committee. This project features different actions about the risks of sleepiness at the wheel with the Bus travelling over 14 European countries, the organisation of awareness campaigns at the national level in 16 countries, and an online multilingual survey (http://www.esrs.eu/sleepstudy.html) now supported by 18 national sleep societies, a huge success! All these actions will culminate with the organisation of a one-day symposium on October 15th at the EU Parliament in Brussels, where parliamentarians and media will be addressed by sleep experts and presented the results of the survey.

Of course, these are only highlights of the current activities of your society, and you will find much more in this newsletter, and more details with the reports of the ESRS Committees and Networks. And finally, let me remind you that the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR) is your best choice journal and a great place for submitting your work for publication. JSR is the perfect place to be read and discussed by people in your field!

With this, I wish you all the best and a pleasant reading of this 2013 July newsletter. Sleep well and keep safe, and do not hesitate to contact me, or any member of the ESRS board with your remarks and suggestions, these will be as usually most welcome.


Philippe Peigneux
ESRS President