June 2014

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2016


Dear ESRS Members,

Soon is coming the longest day of the year and with this light supply many of you already feel the perfume of well deserved vacations. Before enjoying sun, naps and fresh cocktails while finalizing pending manuscripts (or thinking about), please find enclosed a short intermediate version of the ESRS newsletter.

In this newsletter, you will discover with the report of the last meeting of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies within ESRS the composition of the new ANSS Executive Committee, with some new members that I am glad to welcome. I am looking forward to cooperate with this partially renewed Executive Committee, but I want also to address many thanks to those who had to leave this committee for the very positive spirit of cooperation with which we have succeeded to work together, leading to exciting achievements like for instance the now memorable Wake-Up Bus!

Besides, and importantly for the life of your favourite society, you will find in this newsletter the call for nominations to the ESRS Board and Scientific Committee. Although several positions can be renewed, others have to step down after having served 4 years within their current position. It is important to carefully consider nominations of dedicated and capable members, as there are many challenges for the sleep domain out there, thus meaning proactive actions and hard work continue to be necessary. Please remember that only full ESRS members can be proposed and propose nominations, and that the nominees should also agree in writing to be nominated. The absolute deadline to receive nominations is September 3rd, 2014. We warmly thank you for participating in the development of ESRS by nominating the colleagues that you think best suited for the successful future of our society!

Also, we are very excited with the launch of a Young Sleep Researchers network during the Tallinn congress (see the announcement in this newsletter), an event that we hope will contribute to help our young researchers to better know each other and initiate novel actions and co-operations for mutual benefit and enjoyment in research.

And finally, you will receive soon, if not yet done, notifications of the acceptance of abstracts and selection of oral presentations for the Tallinn meeting, thanks to the careful work of the Scientific Committee. One again, we will have an excellent and diversified scientific content, and I am looking forward to meet you at the 22nd Congress of the European Sleep Research Society!


Philippe Peigneux
ESRS President