New Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sleep Research

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2017


Dear Members of the European Sleep Research Society,

I would like to introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of the Journal of Sleep Research starting my term in 2017. As some of you may have realized, I already was on board for several months in a “transitional capacity” taking over the function of Chief Editor from Derk-Jan Dijk. I would like to express my utmost gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Derk-Jan Dijk, who has done a terrific job as Chief Editor of JSR over the last 6 years and has made it easy for me to grow into this new position. With Derk-Jan Dijk, the scientific reputation of JSR has grown steadily over the years and stabilized on a high level. I do wish Derk-Jan all the best for the future.

As JSR is the official organ of the European Sleep Research Society I will pay special attention to official publications coming from the Society - this will apply to position papers, papers relating to procedures in sleep medicine or guideline publications. Further changes which will become effective immediately will be the possibility to submit unsolicited reviews from the scientific community with the aim to have one review per issue of JSR in the future. Reviews should give an accurate and precise state-of-the- science overview of a given topic; meta-analyses as well as theoretical or conceptual papers discussing important topics in sleep medicine and sleep research will be welcome as well. Another novelty will be the introduction of “fast track” papers, which are also meant to be short papers, but which should include “hot off the press” new research - we will aim at reviewing and publishing exciting new data as quickly as possible. Some changes have already been made with respect to Deputy and Associate Editors of the journal. Sadly, Avi Sadeh passed away prematurely last year - we miss him sadly as a colleague and excellent Associate Editor. Jan Hedner and Pierre Maquet asked to retire at the end of last year and were replaced by Silke Ryan from Dublin (respiratory sleep medicine) and Isabelle Arnulf (clinical neuroscience / neurology) from Paris. Angelika Schlarb from Bielefeld, a specialist in child and adolescent sleep medicine came on board for Avi Sadeh. Further changes will take place during the course of this year. I want to thank all Deputy and Associate Editors for their hard work in the past and future – without them, JSR would not be possible. The same applies for all those who have reviewed, and hopefully will, review new submissions to JSR in the future – we all know that our journal would not function without the tireless efforts our reviewers put into their work.

Many thanks also go to Brigitte Knobl, our editorial assistant. Without her tremendous help and guidance I would not have been capable to grow into my new position so smoothly and uncomplicated.

I would also like to thank our publisher, Wiley, who is located in Oxford, UK. I am sure that we will be able to keep our relations on a highly productive and amicable level - I would like to mention personally Silvana Losito whom I want to thank very much for her support and understanding. We will now have the possibility that members of the ESRS can use the “open access” function for an exclusive fee of 1000 USD (

It is my aim further to enhance the visibility and the attractiveness of the Journal of Sleep Research for scientists and clinicians who have interesting data to present - we will work tirelessly to reduce the time between submission and acceptance. I think we owe it to our submitting authors to work on the submissions as quick as possible.

Looking forward to your manuscript submissions!

Dieter Riemann