Derk-Jan Dijk awarded Distinguished Scientist Award by the Sleep Research Society

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2015


Derk-Jan Dijk, a longstanding member of the ESRS and Editor of the JSR, has received the Distinguished Scientist Award for his many contributions to the understanding of the homeostatic and circadian regulation of sleep.

The Distinguished Scientist Award is the Sleep Research Society’s (SRS) highest award for scientific advances in the field of sleep research and is presented to a single individual for research contributions over their entire career. The Distinguished Scientist Award recognizes significant, original and sustained contributions of a basic, clinical or theoretical nature.

The award was presented to Derk-Jan in Seattle by Dr Allan Pack, President of the SRS, at the Sleep 2015 meeting, the 29th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, a joint meeting between the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.

The prize has been awarded since 1989 and previous Europe based sleep researchers are Michael Jouvet, Pierre Luigi Parmeggiani, Ottavio Pompeiano and Alexander A. Borbely.

Commenting on the award, Derk-Jan says: “A successful career in academic sleep research is, foremost, an accomplishment of the multidisciplinary and international sleep research environments I have been so fortunate to be exposed to for the past 32 years in Europe and the US. The thorough supervision by a circadian biologist (Dr Serge Daan), a physicist (Dr Domien Beersma) and a psychiatrist (Dr Rutger van den Hoofdakker) during my PhD, and post-doctoral training and mentoring by world leading sleep researchers (Drs Alexander Borbely and Irene Tobler) and a human circadian physiologist (Dr Charles Czeisler) have made it virtually impossible to not be productive. I thank them, my current colleagues at the University of Surrey, and all collaborators, students, and postdocs for continuous inspiration and collaboration.”