Report on the ESRS-ESR Meeting In Barcelona (April 16-18, 2015)

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2015


The third bi-annual joint conference of ESRS and ERS on the topic of Sleep and Breathing was held in Barcelona from April 16-18. This meeting, which is primarily educational in focus, was attended by about 850 delegates and provided a State-of-the-Art review of the latest developments in Sleep and Breathing Disorders. In Barcelona 2015, the focus remained predominantly on sleep and breathing disorders but the programme also covered sleep-related areas of paediatrics, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, psychology, psychiatry and neurology. Thus, the Sleep and Breathing conference is the only meeting offering an integrated and practical approach to the investigation and management of sleep disorders.

Before the meeting, a further examination was held for those seeking qualification as somnologists, both at a clinical and technical level. The examination was well supported and adds to the growing body of certified sleep specialists throughout Europe and beyond.

Walter McNicholas