The Journal of Sleep Research: Where are we now?

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2015


The first volume of the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR) was published in 1992 and this year we will complete volume 24. During this period the JSR has grown considerably. While Vol. 1 contained 274 pages, this has risen to 727 pages for Vol. 23.

Over the years, the Impact Factor (IF) as provided by what is now Thomson Reuters, and calculated as the number of citations in a year to items (i.e. papers) published in the previous two years, has also changed quite a bit. The number of papers entered in this calculation has risen sharply since 2010, and this reflects the increase in the number of issues, from 4 to 6 (See Fig 1). During this period the number of citations has also increased and sharply so for the most recent IF (IF 2014, which was released in June 2015).

Fig. 1: JSR-IF (Thompson Reuters) 2000-2014

The IF (Cites/Items) had its ups and downs. It was 2.0 in 2000 and reached a maximum of 3.5 in 2009 when 108 papers attracted 374 citations. In subsequent years, when the total number of papers rose rapidly, the IF dropped somewhat to a minimum of 2.9 in 2013. Such a drop is an almost inevitable consequence of the increase in the number of papers included. Citations to papers are, in general, relatively low in the year they are published and higher in the year after. For 2014 the IF is up again to 3.347 with 176 papers attracting 589 citations.

This is good news. Even though the IF in itself should not be a goal for a journal, a reasonable IF is almost a prerequisite for attracting high quality manuscripts. The current IF puts the JSR in a good position relative to other sleep journals (Fig 2).

Fig. 2: Impact Factor (Thompson Reuters) for sleep journals

The JSR is now the second journal in the group of journals publishing primarily original research papers. All of this could of course not have been accomplished without the hard work of the Deputy and Associate Editors, the Reviewers, the Authors and Brigitte Knobl. Please continue to submit your research to the JSR, continue to act as Reviewer, Deputy or Associate Editor, etc., and help us grow the JSR’s impact on the field of sleep research.

Derk-Jan Dijk
Editor in Chief