The Pisa Sleep Award – Twelth Edition

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2016


Dear ESRS Members,We are happy to announce that the winner of the Pisa Sleep Award 2016 is Professor Pierre Maquet. Our hearty congratulations for such a prestigious achievement that recognises his important contribution to the field of sleep research and neuroscience.  Thank you for your continued and precious contribution to the sleep research field!Lino NobiliESRS Secretary


Pisa, 24 June 2016


The twelfth edition of the Pisa Sleep Award has been held the 24th of June in Pisa. The members of the Scientific Board of the Pisa Sleep Award proposed Professor Pierre Maquet for the prize.

From 2004 to 2008 Professor Pierre Maquet has been a member and successively the chair of the Scientific Committee of our scientific society.
Professor Pierre Maquet was a pioneer in the application of functional neuro-imagery techniques for the study of sleep physiology and other modified state of consciousness. With his group, he conducted seminal studies on the relationship between sleep and memory functions. More recently, he is focusing his research activity on the evaluation of the combined effects of the homeostatic sleep pressure and the circadian sleep propensity on brain functions.
His publications in the most important scientific journals are now considered milestones in the field of sleep research and neuroscience.
Professor Pierre Maquet is the Director of the Neurological Department of the University Hospital of Liege, and he has set up a Unit of Chronobiology at the Cyclotron Research Centre of Liege.

The Pisa Sleep Award, a joint initiative by Professor Piero Salzarulo and Professor Luigi Murri, is awarded every two years and is sponsored by the School of Medicine, Pisa University.

The purpose of the Pisa Sleep Award is to acknowledge a European scientist whose career has been devoted to the study of sleep, including its physiology and its disorders, and whose contribution has represented an outstanding advance in sleep medicine. 
Previous recipients have been: Michel Jouvet (1994), Elio Lugaresi (1996), Alexander Borbély (1998), David Parkes (2000), Torbjorn Akerstedt (2002), Peretz Lavie (2004), Giulio Tononi (2006), Irene Tobler (2008), Claudio Bassetti (2010), Mario Giovanni Terzano (2012), Pier Luigi Parmeggiani (2014).

Members of the Scientific Board of the Pisa Sleep Award 2016

Luigi Murri, Honorary President
Philippe Peigneux, President European Sleep Research Society, Bruxelles
Raffaele Ferri, President Italian Association of Sleep Medicine, Enna
Roberto Amici, Research Coordinator of the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine, Bologna
Piero Salzarulo, Cofounder of the Pisa Sleep Award
Mario Petrini, Director of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa
Enrica Bonanni, Director of the Sleep Centre, University of Pisa