Recognition of Somnology as Medical Subspecialty in France

Published in ESRS Newsletter July 2017


Sleep medicine is officially recognised in the French medical studies: from now on, professionnals in Sleep medicine will be certified through a new subspecialty which will be opened to students at the end of 2017.

Since 2014, the French Sleep Research and Medicine Society (SFRMS) has focused on putting Sleep medicine as a subspecialty as the French Health Ministry called for a new medical studies reform. In 2015, this long and intense work has led to the proposal of a Somnology subspecialty (‘formation spécialisée transversale’) dedicated to Sleep medicine. The Ministry confirmed its support to the new Somnology courses, bringing together at least 8 specialties: Neurology, Pneumology, Psychiatry, ENT, Occupational Medicine, Maxillofacial surgery and Oral surgery, Cardiology and Pediatrics.

The SFRMS expected this decision and is now happy to announce that the official decree concerning the medical studies reform has been published in France. Courses are currently designed by coordinators of each represented specialty. Students will be able to reach the Somnologist title, after a one-year period of specific courses and internships that will begin at the end of 2017 and be validated at the end of their residency.

Thus, France becomes the third European country in training students to Sleep medicine as a main course in medical education. The SFRMS members are proud of this recognition and will support actively the Sleep medicine development in all Europe.