Report on First Sleep And Rhythms In Medicine Congress

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2013


The first 'Sleep and Rhythms in Medicine' Congress was held on 15-16 October 2013, at Padova University Hospital, Italy.

Sleep disturbances in patients with specific medical disorders are under-diagnosed and often mismanaged, mostly because of the poor understanding of their pathophysiology. In recent years physiologists, chronobiologists and sleep scientists have produced a considerable amount of data on the causes, the consequences and the management of poor sleep. These, however, have not been translated into routine medical practice.

From left: Rudi Costa, Sara Montagnese, Debra Skene, Roberto Vettor

Accordingly, our goals for the Congress were to provide a forum for scientific discussion on major sleep and circadian topics, and also a bridge to hospital practice and specific clinical applications.

Funded by the Italian Ministry of Health and endorsed by both the Italian and the European Societies for Sleep Research, the Congress was organised in three sessions (click here to view the Congress flyer):

  1. Physiology of sleep and circadian rhythms;
  2. Sleep and circadian disorders in specific medical conditions, such as diabetes, systemic hypertension and cirrhosis of the liver;
  3. Technical aspects of the study of sleep and circadian disorders.

Speakers were chosen from the best-known national and international authorities in their respective fields of research. They were extremely generous in sharing their expertise, both in and outside the formal sessions, with a mixed audience of about 300 attendees. These included hospital physicians, general practitioners, biologists, psychologists and both under- and post-graduate students

Eus van Someren

Carolina Lombardi

Pierre Philip, Lino Nobili

Alexander Borbély (right) and young researchers

The Italian autumn obliged with mild evenings, allowing locals and guests alike to visit to the medieval University and the world’s oldest Botanical Gardens, and to enjoy a relaxed, outdoor spritz - the local aperitif. They did.

(Click here to view a photo gallery of the meeting.

From left: Alexander Borbély, Irene Tobler, Sara Montagnese, Debra Skene, Ueli Schibler, Rudi Costa

The Scientific Committee:

Sara Montagnese, Angelo Gatta and Rodolfo Costa, University of Padova, Italy
Debra J Skene, University of Surrey, UK
Lino Nobili, Ospedale Niguarda, Milano, Italy