Thank you note to ESRS

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2014


Dear ESRS members and Board,

I would like to thank the ESRS membership for the opportunity you gave me to serve as an ESRS board member for the past 8 years, first as Assistant-Secretary (2006-2010) and then as Vice-President (Basic), 2010-2014. It has been a pleasure working with the Board and being part of the many new initiatives. In particular, I will treasure the opportunity I had to meet so many early career sleep researchers, both as part of the EU-ESRS Marie Curie programme and beyond (ESRS Travel Grants and the recently launched ESRS Early Career Researcher Network).

Finally a big thank you for the gift I received in Tallinn. As President-Elect of the European Biological Rhythms Society (EBRS), a clock could not have been more perfect!

With warm wishes

Debra J. Skene