ESRS 2016: Statistical Report

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2016


The 23rd meeting of the ESRS was attended by a record 1’903 participants. The majority of sessions was well attended which attests to the high quality of the scientific programme and the wide interest in the field of Sleep Research.

The highlights of the meeting included:

  • The 4th European Sleep Science Award ceremony (the prize was awarded to Pier Luigi Parmeggiani)
  • The five keynote lectures: Anita Lüthi from Lausanne, CH; Atul Malhotra from Boston, US; Eus Van Someren from Amsterdam, NL; Joan Santamaria from Barcelona, ES; Luigi Parrino from Parma, IT
  • Four joint symposia of the ESRS with the ERS (European Respiratory Society), the EAN (European Academy of Neurology), the EBRS (European Biological Rhythms Society), and the AIMS (Italian Association of Sleep Medicine)
  • Four European Sleep Research Networks sessions; European Insomnia Network, ESADA (European Sleep Apnea Database), European Narcolepsy Network and the EURLSSG (European Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group)
  • Twenty selected symposia covering the latest developments in the field and all areas of sleep research and sleep medicine
  • Lively and interactive “Science, drinks and snacks” poster sessions!

The great work of the ESRS board and the ESRS scientific committee, as well as the generous support of the local organising committee (Roberto Amici) must be acknowledged.

Scientific Programme

1’037 abstracts
(905 Poster, 114 Orals, 18 Rejected) 

5 Keynote Lectures
5 Teaching Courses
20 2-hour Symposia
4 Joint Symposia
4 European Network Sessions
17 Oral Sessions
6 Round Table Discussions
1 Case Discussion
1 Video Session
2 Satellite Symposia

Exhibition & Sponsoring

261.00m2   Exhibition and 24 exhibitors
30                    Sponsors & Funding Organisations
4                      Satellite Symposia


1‘903  Total participants from 64 countries

Participants per country
(sorted by numbers – Top 20)

  Country Participants
1 Italy 174
2 Portugal 162
3 France 131
4 Netherlands 131
5 United Kingdom 118
6 Switzerland 103
7 Germany 91
8 United States 77
9 Greece 72
10 Canada 64
11 Belgium 61
12 Sweden 58
13 Norway 57
14 Australia 56
15 Finland 48
16 Spain 47
17 Japan 47
18 Korea, Rep. of South 32
19 Austria 27
20 Bulgaria 23