European Sleep Research Laboratories

Sleep Unit

Helsinki University Hospital
Pulmonary Department

Adel Bachour
00029 Helsinki Finland

Position specialist, consultant Phone +358504272273 Fax +358947186497 Contact E-Mail   Research Domain
  • Clinical

  • Sleep and Medical Disorders

Laboratory Description CPAP therapy, diagnosis of sleep apnea, snoring
Technical Capabilities and areas of expertise CPAP therapy
Selected Publications in the 5 past years Increased plasma levels of inflammatory markers and upper airway resistance during sleep in pre-eclampsia. Bachour A, Teramo K, Hiilesmaa V, Maasilta P. Sleep Med. 2008 Aug;9(6):667-74.

AutoCPAP initiation at home: optimal trial duration and cost-effectiveness. Bachour A, Virkkala JT, Maasilta PK. Sleep Med. 2007 Nov;8(7-8):704-10.

Smoking and improvement after nasal surgery in snoring men. Virkkula P, Hytönen M, Bachour A, Malmberg H, Hurmerinta K, Salmi T, Maasilta P. Am J Rhinol. 2007 Mar-Apr;21(2):169-73.

Snoring is not relieved by nasal surgery despite improvement in nasal resistance. Virkkula P, Bachour A, Hytönen M, Salmi T, Malmberg H, Hurmerinta K, Maasilta P. Chest. 2006 Jan;129(1):81-7.

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