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Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology
University Medical center

Leja Dolenc Groselj
Zaloska 7
1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Position Head of Sleep Center Phone +386 1 522 15 22 Fax +386 1 522 15 33 Contact E-Mail Website   Research Domain
  • Basic Human

  • Neurological Sleep Disorders

Laboratory Description clinical-OSA and other breathing disorders, neuromuscular patients and sleep disorders, PD-RBD, sleep disorders in different neurological patients, hypersomnias.
Technical Capabilities and areas of expertise full PSG, MSLT, MWT, non-attended PSG, video-EEG, actimetry.
adults-clinic and research.
EEG compatible with MRI-research

Additional Descriptors, Keywords research of sleep and breathing in hypoxia and bedrest, studies in hypobaric hypoxia at Antarctica

Selected Publications in the 5 past years
LEONARDIS, Lea, DOLENC-GROŠELJ, Leja, VIDMAR, Gaj. Factors related to respiration influencing survival and respiratory function in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : a retrospective study. Eur. j. neurol., 2012, vol. 19 (12): 1518-1524.

LEONARDIS, Lea, DOLENC-GROŠELJ, Leja. Non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : spinal versus bulbar form. Eur. j. neurol.. 2013, vol. 20 (5):6.

KAVČIČ, Pavel, ROJC, Bojan, DOLENC-GROŠELJ, Leja, CLAUSTRAT, Bruno, FUJS KOMLOŠ, Kristina, POLJAK, Mario. The impact of sleep deprivation and nighttime light exposure on clock gene expression in humans. Croat. med. j., 2011, vol. 52: 619-628.

KOREN, Aleš, DOLENC-GROŠELJ, Leja, FAJDIGA, Igor. CT comparison of primary snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome : role of pharyngeal narrowing ratio and soft palate-tongue contact in awake patient. Eur. arch. oto-rhino-laryngol., 2009; 266 (5):727-734

JENNUM, P., SANTAMARIA, Joan, DOLENC-GROŠELJ, Leja. Report of an EFNS task force on management of sleep disorders in neurologic disease (degenerative neurologic disorders and stroke). Eur. j. neurol., 2007. 14 (11):1189-1200.

Other laboratory Members
Title PhD,MD First Name Barbara Last Name Gnidovec Strazisar Position pedaitric neurologist E-Mail  
Title PhD First Name Vita Last Name Stukovnik Position clinical physiologist E-Mail  
Title MD First Name Bojan Last Name Rojc Position neurologist E-Mail  
Title MD First Name Pavel Last Name Kavcic Position radiologist E-Mail  
Title PhD,MD First Name Igor Last Name Fajdiga Position ENT E-Mail  
Title PhD First Name Ditka Last Name Jeran Position biologist, PhD student E-Mail  
Title PhD First Name Shawnda Last Name Morrison Position researcher E-Mail  
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