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Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital
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Isabelle Arnulf
47-83 boulevard de l'Hôpital
75651 cede Paris France

Position Professor of neurology Phone +33 1 42 16 77 01 Fax +33 1 42 16 77 00 Contact E-Mail   Research Domain
  • Clinical

  • Neurological Sleep Disorders
  • Sleep and Body Functions (Cardio-Respiratory, Thermoregulation/Metabolism, Endocrine)

Laboratory Description We study the mechanisms of neurological diseases in patients, and view neurological sleep disorders as models to understand normal sleep. We focuse on central hypersomnias (narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia and Kleine Levin syndrome) and parasomnias (RBD and sleepwalking), whether primary or secondary to neurological or genetic diseases. An additional part of the lab studies the control of breathing during sleep. Our tools include clinical investigation (face to face interview, questionaires, dream recall, neurological examination), cognitive tests videopolysomnography (from 24 to 48 h long, including spectral EEG analysis, EOG and EMG analysis), sera, CSF and DNA bank, and pharmacology.
Technical Capabilities and areas of expertise 10 beds (and soon 16 beds) facilities.
Our area of expertise are central hypersomnia, parasomnia and sleep disorders in neurodegenerative disease.

Selected Publications in the 5 past years 1) Arnulf, I., Ferraye, M., Fraix, V., Benabid, A. L., Chabardes, S., Goetz, L., Pollak, P., Debu, B. (2010). Sleep induced by stimulation in the human pedunculopontine nucleus area. Ann Neurol, 67(4), 546-549.

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3) Leclair-Visonneau, L., Oudiette, D., Gaymard, B., Leu-Semenescu, S., Arnulf, I. (2010). Do the eyes scan dream images during rapid eye movement sleep? Evidence from the rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder model. Brain, 133 1737-1746.

4) Leu-Semenescu, S., Arnulf, I., Decaix, C., Moussa, F., Clot, F., Boniol, C., Touitou Y, Levy R, Vidailhet M, Roze E. (2010). Sleep and rhythm consequences of a genetically induced loss of serotonin. Sleep, 33(3), 307-314.

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Attenuation of obstructive sleep apnea by compression stockings in subjects with venous insufficiency.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 184 :1062-6

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10) Leu-Semenescu, S., De Cock, V. C., Le Masson, V. D., Debs, R., Lavault, S., Roze, E., et al. (2011). Hallucinations in narcolepsy with and without cataplexy: contrasts with Parkinson's disease. Sleep Med, 12(5), 497-504.

11) Oudiette, D., Constantinescu, I., Lecalir-Visonneau, L., Vidailhet, M., Schwartz, S., Arnulf, I. (2011). Evidence for the re-enactment of a recently learned behavior during sleepwalking. Plos One, 6(3), e18056.

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25) Leu-Semenescu, S, UguccioniG, Golmard JL, Czernecki V, Yelnik J, Dubois B, Forgeot d’Arc B, Levy R, Arnulf, I. Can we still dream when the mind is blank? Sleep and dream mentations in auto-activation déficits. Brain 2013, sous presse.

26) Dauvilliers Y, Arnulf I, Lecendreux M, Monaca C, Franco P, Tubert-Bitter P, d'Ortho MP, Launois S, Lignot S, Weibel D, Boehenoffer J, Sturkenboom M, Bourgin P, Nogues B, Drouot X, Rey M, Bayard S, Scholz S, Lavault S, Saussier C, Pariente A. Increased incidence of narcolepsy-cataplexy in adults and children after H1N1 influenza vaccination in France. Brain 2013, sous presse.

Current/Completed Grants (past 5 years) PHRC NARCOBANK 2007-2011
KLS Foundation grant
NRJ-Institute of France grant
APHP grant

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