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University of Surrey
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Derk-Jan Dijk
Egerton Road
GU2 7XP Guildford United Kingdom

Position Professor of Sleep and Physiology Phone +44 1483 689341 Fax +44 1483 689342 Contact E-Mail Website   Research Domain
  • Basic Animal
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  • Pharmacology – Human
  • Molecular Biology-Endocrinology-Biochemistry
  • Genetics of Sleep
  • Pharmacology of Sleep
  • Sleep and Ageing
  • Epidemiology of Sleep
  • Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human
  • Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Animal
  • Biological Rhythms

Laboratory Description Designated research unit with 12 individual bedrooms and and a 12 bedded ward. Unit can be used for longterm sleep and circadian rhythm experiments, including continuous blood sampling, performance assessment, etc. We also have facilities to manipulate light. Animal facilities for sleep and circadian rhythm experiments
Technical Capabilities and areas of expertise The SSRC undertakes a wide range of multidisciplinary and translational studies, in the real world and in the laboratory, with partners in research institutes, the medical community, industry and commerce. Areas of expertise include EEG analysis, circadian rhythms, pharmacology of sleep, cognitive performance, ageing, sex differences in sleep and circadian rhythms.

Additional Descriptors, Keywords Sleep, neurophysiology, circadian rhythms, light, biological rhythms, cognitive performance, genetics
Selected Publications in the 5 past years Santhi N, Thorne HC, van der Veen DR, Johnsen S, Mills SL, Hommes V, Schlangen LJM, Archer SN, Dijk DJ The spectral composition of evening light and individual differences in the suppression of melatonin and delay of sleep in humans. J Pineal Research, 2011 Sep 20. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-079X.2011.00970.x.

Wulff K, Dijk DJ, Middleton B, Foster RG, Joyce E. Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in schizophrenia patients. British Journal of Psychiatry. In Press.

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Key Publications of the Laboratory Viola AU, James LM, Archer SN, Dijk DJ. PER3 Polymorphism and Cardiac Autonomic Control: Effects of Sleep Debt and Circadian Phase. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 2008; 295(5):H2156-63

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Current/Completed Grants (past 5 years) Recent and current research funding sources include the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR, USA), Philips Lighting and H Lundbeck A/S
June 2011 - Sep 2012 Seasonal variation in the impact of artificial lighting on nighttime sleep and daytime alertness in older aduls. A comparison of incandescent compact fluorescent and new LED ultra-efficient lighting. Technology Strategy Board Co-investigator (PI Nayantari Santhi).

July 2011 - Feb 2012 Effects of light mixtures on sleep inertia: Philips Lighting. Principal Investigator.

Oct 2011 - Sept 2012 MILES (Models and Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences) Discipline Hop: “Modelling the sleep-wake cycle”. Collaborator: Investigators:Anne Skeldon, Gianne Derks

May 2011- A two-part, crossover study to investigate the effects of morning verses evening dosing and food interaction on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple doses of ONO-5334 in healthy post menopausal women. Ono-Pharmaceuticals. Principal Investigator.

Feb 2011 - Jan 2014 The influence of the endogenous circadian pacemaker and sleep on primary headache disorders. Association of British Neurologists. Principal Investigators Nesbitt/Dijk.

Dec 2010 - Aug 2011 EEG validation study, Development of a translational EEG pharmacological marker.Sponsor Lilly Principal Investigator.

Sep 2010 - Dec 2010 Protocol Development: Effects of single doses of NCEs on sleep in healthy volunteers. Sponsor Lilly. Principal Investigator.

Sep 2009 - Sep 2010 Effects of an NCE on prolactin in healthy volunteers. Sponsor: Covance. Investigator. (PI: Dr J Boyle).

Jun 2009 - Feb 2010 Evaluation of evening light regimes which minimise suppression of melatonin and the nocturnal increase in sleepiness butmaintain visual function. Investigator Initiated Study. Funding: Philips Lighting BV. Principal Investigator.

Jun 2009 - May 2010 Investigator Initiated Research Project. Effect of prolonged release melatonin on EEG power spectra. H Lundbeck A/SPrincipal Investigator.

May 2008 - June 2009 Research Contract. A double blind, placebo Controlled Residual Effect study: Phase III. Sponsor: GSK Investigator. (PI; Dr J Boyle).

Sept 2008 - Sept 2011 Cognitive vulnerability following extended wakefulness in defined genotypes: Effects of sleep duration on sustained attention, executive function, and novel biomarkers. AFOSR Principal Investigator.

Sept 2008 - Sept 2011 Circadian and homeostatic contributions to physiology, cognition and genome-wide gene expression in human and mouse variants of the PER3 VNTR polymorphism . BBSRC. Principal Investigator.

Mar 2008 - Jun 2009 Research Contract Phase 1. A four way cross-over sleep deprivation study. Merck. Value. Investigator.

Jan 2008 - Oct 2008 Research Contract Phase III insomnia trial Organon Principal Investigator.

Dec 2007 - Jan 2008 Research Contract-Phase III insomnia trial Covance/Takeda Principal Investigator.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2010 Partial sleep restriction and insulin resistance; development of a physiological sleep-protocol for field use. Diabetes UKI nvestigator (PI M Robertson).

26 Sept 07 - 29 Feb 2008 Spectral analysis of wake and sleep EEG after administration of MK-0249 or modafinil: a sleep deprivation study. Merck Sharp&Dome, UK Principal Investigator.

20 Dec 06 -31 Aug 07 Evaluation of the efficacy of short-wavelength-enriched light in improving alertness and performance. Philips Lighting BV. Principal Investigator.

Confidential Research Contract: A Double-blind, double-dummy, randomised, placebo-controlled, four-way crossover study to investigate the effect of single oral doses of SB-649868 and of Zolpidem in a model of noise induced situational insomnia in healthy male volunteers GSK. Principal Investigator.

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Title MD First Name Alex Last Name Nesbitt Position Research Fellow in Clinical Neurology E-Mail  
Title PhD First Name June Chi -yan Last Name Lo Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Cognition, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythms E-Mail  
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Title BSc,MSc,PhD First Name Derk-Jan Last Name Dijk Position Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre E-Mail  
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