European Sleep Research Laboratories


University Children's Hospital Zurich
Child Development Center

Reto Huber
Steinwiesstrasse 75
8032 Zurich Switzerland

Position Prof. SNF Phone +41 44 266 81 60 Fax +41 44 266 78 66 Contact E-Mail Website   Research Domain
  • Basic Animal
  • Basic Human

  • Learning, Memory, Cognition
  • Sleep and Ageing
  • Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Human
  • Sleep Physiology-Neurophysiology in Animal

Laboratory Description Topics:
Sleep in healthy subjects and clinical populations (ADHD, early onset shizophrenia, sleep disordered breathing, mental retardation) in relation to:
- development/brain maturation
- synaptic plasticity
- learning&memory
- cognition
- genetics
Manipulation of human sleep with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
Sleep, behaviour and developement in rodents

Human studies
- high density EEG
- anatomical/structural MR
- different learning tasks (e.g. Motor Task Manager, Motor sequence learning)
- IQ measures
- Different questionnaires

Animal studies
- ECoG
- Histology

Selected Publications in the 5 past years Huber R, Ghilardi MF, Massimini M, Ferrarelli F, Riedner BA, Peterson MJ, Tononi G. Arm immobilization, cortical plasticity, and local sleep homeostasis. Nature Neuroscience 9: 1169-1176, 2006

Kurth S, Jenni OG, Riedner BA, Tononi G, Carskadon MA, Huber R. Characteristics of sleep slow-waves in children and adolescents. Sleep, 33: 475-80, 2010.

Buchmann A, Ringli M, Kurth S, Schaerer M, Geiger A, Jenni OG, Huber R. EEG sleep slow-wave activity as a mirror of cortical maturation. Cerebral Cortex, Epub ahead of print, 2010.

Kurth S, Ringli M, Geiger A, LeBourgeois M, Jenni OG, Huber R. Mapping of cortical activity in the first two decades of life: a high-density sleep EEG study. Journal of Neuroscience, 30: 13211-13219, 2010.

Bölsterli BK, Schmitt B, Bast T, Critelli H, Jenni OG, Huber R. Evidence for a disruption of synaptic downscaling during sleep in Encephalopathy with Status Epilepticus during Sleep (ESES/CSWS). Clinical Neurophysiology, 122: 1779-1787, 2011.

Buchmann A, Kurth S, Ringli M, Geiger A, Jenni OG, Huber R. Anatomical markers of sleep slow wave activity derived from structural magnetic resonance images. Journal of Sleep Research, Epub ahead of print, 2011.

Ringli M, Huber R. Developmental aspects of sleep slow waves: Linking sleep, brain maturation and behavior. Progress in Brain Research, in press.

Geiger A, Huber R, Kurth S, Ringli M, Jenni OG, Achermann P. The sleep EEG as an individual trait and marker of intellectual ability in school age children. Sleep 34: 181-9, 2010.

Current/Completed Grants (past 5 years) 01.2007 – 12.2009 Sleep and cognition of children and adults in health and disease: a cooperative and integrative approach. Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology. Co-applicants: PD O. Jenni, PD. HP Landolt, Prof. P. Achermann, Prof. C. Bassetti, Prof. P. Brugger.

07.2007 – 06.2011 Sleep and brain plasticity during development. Professorship of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

05.2008 – 04.2009 Do epileptic encephalopathies and sleep share common physiological mechanisms? Evidence from the EEG in children with continuous spikes and waves during slow-wave sleep (CSWS) and Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. Anne Mueller Grocholski-Foundation. Co-applicants: Prof. B. Schmidt and PD O. Jenni.

12.2008 – 11.2009 Comparison of anatomical and electrophysiological markers of brain maturation. Competitive funds from the University Children’s Hospital Zurich.

03.2009 – 02.2011 Cell phones, sleep and cognitive performance. Research Foundation Mobile Communication.

04.2009 – 03.2011 Synaptic homeostasis and sleep. Neuroscience Center Zurich.

01.2010 – 12.2011 Synaptic homeostasis in normal and mentally retarded children and adolescents: from genes to behavior. Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology. Main applicant. Co-applicants: Prof. A. Rauch, Prof. L. Jäncke, Prof. M. Wolf, PD O. Jenni, Prof. P. Achermann.

01.2010 – 12.2011 Sleep, breathing and psychomotor performance at altitude. Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology. Co-applicants: Prof. K. Bloch, Prof. Peter Achermann, PD M. Kohler.

03.2010 – 12.2012 Adolescence: a sensitive period for cortical development. EU Mundus Joint Doctoral Program. Partner PI: Prof. E. Van Someren, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam.

06.2010 – 05.2016 Innovative movement therapy in childhood. Private sponsor grant (Mäxi Foundation). Main applicant: Dr. A. Meyer-Heim, Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre.

08.2011 – 07.2012 Effects of hypothermia on sleep slow-wave activity and cortical plasticity. Donation UBS AG.

07.2011 – 03.2012 Is extensive caffeine use during adolescence linked to maturational alterations? EMDO Foundation Zurich.

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